Sunday, July 25, 2010

Divine Redemption

The past has slipped through my fingers;
And the future threatens to consume me;
My hopes and dreams turn to fears;
As you impose your acrimonious views on me;
This depiction of an existence at your side;
Is tempting in its magnificent splendor;
It's a ruse I've been informed;
This letting doubt seep into the cracks of my heart;
But you eradicate my skepticism with your tone;
I'm surrendering to you my soul without resistance;
I've fallen for your deception;
Your grip is tightening, I'm losing my head;
A distasteful deadness starts to permeate throughout my veins;
I can't bottle these emotions inside;
Yet I'm struggling to let them go;
The battle has begun, I'm falling behind;
Suddenly I see a beautiful glimmer;
Might it be hope back to undermine me again?
Or your wonderful saving grace?
In route to elicit the poison you've infused;
The struggles at its pinnacle, I turn my eyes away;
Ready to relinquish everything to this demon;
Unexpectedly you call me by name;
My eyes flash back to your glorious light;
I'm struggling again to take hold of you;
My demons grip is loosening;
I can feel your aura grasping me;
Eliciting me from the grasp of this fiend;
I can't focus on anything but your splendid face;
Then as I look for redemption in your magnificent eyes;
I can feel my life returning realizing what I'd done;
I'd been tricked by the devil and my savior won;
Forever my savior I give to you, my every breath.