Friday, April 30, 2010

This Intolerant Hope

Hope, what have you done?
You've betrayed me again,
Turned my eyes towards hell.

You took a piece of my heart,
Slipped it in your pocket,
A souvenir of your deed.

With an unbreakable string to bind,
You know I'll be back,
And without a doubt I will.

You're an addiction,
One worse than any drug,
I'll never be able to live without you.

So piece by piece,
Please take my heart,
Every last bit.

Cause as long as I have you,
I can handle the profound pain.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Promise

It's an everyday thing,
A greeting in the morning,
An 'until tomorrow' at night,
A promise.

I'm not used to losing,
But my history it haunts me,
So tonight I say goodbye,
A promise.

I asked for his permission,
Yet he's still trying for her attention,
But I won't let him win,
A promise.

Monday, April 12, 2010

You Can't Break A Broken Heart

I hold my head high,
With effort,
I need you to know,
I'd give you my heart,
Without hesitation,
You may ask me why,
I'll give you the truth,
You can't break a broken heart.

Gods Gift

The waves crash upon the sand,
As birds of the air take to the sky,
Far above the sun permeates warmth,
As the small children play,
The grass does its skillful dance,
As the late summer sun cools,
I look out over this depiction,
And marvel over gods wonderful world.

Is It Moday Yet?! (Castle)

My teachers don't understand
Why I'm so happy on Monday
Or why I'm wearing a "writer" vest tee,
Murder and mystery swirl around in my head,
As I spend my uneventful fifth hour,
Writing down numerous Castle fanfics,
Time tends to drag,
Until the dismissal bell rings,
On to practice I'll suffer till it is through I'm on my way,
To chat with my fellow Castle pals,
10 P.M. brings forth lots of laughs,
And episode after episode epicness,
Stana is stunning, a shining star,
Nathan is nutty, and kind of bizarre,
All in all Castle is a dish of sheer awesomeness,
And I find myself saying as the previews are done,
"Is it Monday yet?!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010


To fear the inevitable would be quite obtuse
But I am one who thinks of death and runs
To hide behind this insubstantial naive heart of mine
I don't know what to expect when I stumble
And I'm terrified of the seemingly perpetual fall
But somehow out of nowhere you appear
You smile so sweetly and I become bemused
Could you be an angel sent from above?
With a voice so tender you murmur in my ear
A lulling melody of beautiful intricate words
Your wonderful words of encouragement
Are enough to draw me from behind my bastion
Now I stand before you innocent as a rose
Scared to death of the events of my unknown future
You reach for my hand as if to say you're here
I'm faced with the convoluted choice
Do I take your hand and jump together
Or take the chance and jump alone
It's difficult decision and I'm thankful
Wisdom alone could not guide me through
So as I reach out to grasp your hand
I know I've got you and my wisdom
To guide me through this unconventional life
No longer will I fear the loaming promise of death
I know I've only got this one life to live
And with you at my side and my god up above
I'm ready and willing to stand resolute.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Every Girl Is Beautiful

I know how much it hurts
When the world makes you feel ugly
A picture of perfection on every cover
A product that makes promises
Consumed by the need for exactness
We're hurting ourselves
Hiding our true beauty
Every single one of us has a gift
Some of us will be models
But not everyone can be one
Some of use will be doctors
And writers
Each and everyone
Will have their own kind of beauty
So tell your friends
You're sisters and you're mother
Remind them that their beautiful
Just the way they are.

This may not be my greatest work, but I feel it needed to be wrote. I've met an amazing young woman who needed someone, and I hope she knows that I understand her pain. I've been in her shoes. So this goes out to her, and every other woman or girl who reads it! Every single woman is strong and beautiful no matter what the world says. Also, another big inspiration to this piece came from Kellie Picklers song "Don't you know your beautiful." Listen to it girls!
And remember your beautiful!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Young Soul Falters

With the passing of each evanescent moment
I'm faced with the reality's of this world
A friend is not a friend unless you buy them
Bound together with the ties of inane money
Only bothering to chat when you need something
I wish it didn't have to be this way
Entwined beneath the novelties of the "USA"
Is a world the big man doesn't want us to see
An economy that's been drove into the ground
Slander, duplicity, lies, deceitfulness!
A nations youth full of violence and damnation
We're circling around the drain of a death pool
Its sad to say were living in a man eat man society
Everywhere I look I see corruption
TV shows me violence
And music although corrupt is my only true friend
Adults try to take the wheel of my life
Causing me to revolt
They are the monkey that's on my back
To bad there aren't aware
That I've been walking in their shoes for awhile now
It seems to me that childhood has become a virtue
Cause I've been forced to jump without my wings
And I pray as I fall that I'll survive
You've been telling me its easy
That I'd find my wings before I hit rock bottom
But I didn't and now I'm picking up the pieces
With everyone watching not willing to lend a hand
I was foolish to think you'd tell me the truth
You've put the first crack in my fragile heart
But I'll show you that I won't be fooled again.


Okay, so this is one that I wasn't going to post, but decided that I've nothing to lose ;) and everything to gain. After all chances are meant to be taken.

I don't know why
You take the late night train
Behind those striking blue eyes
I'm sure theres a story
I turn ever so slightly to glance at you
You send back a lopsided grin
And I wonder why your always alone

Months go by, these glances we'll share
Until I build up the courage
To inquire your name
But before I can you disappear
I'm upset, but not with you
Rather its because I wasn't able to ask
So I'll take your old spot
On this midnight train
To remind myself
That chances are meant to be taken

And so day after day I'll wait for you
But is become to much of a disappointment
I've decided today will be the last day
And I'm almost in tears was the train starts
Then suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder
I turn and am met by your blue eyes
Ever so sweetly you smile and say
"Hello, my name is Jason."