Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Young Soul Falters

With the passing of each evanescent moment
I'm faced with the reality's of this world
A friend is not a friend unless you buy them
Bound together with the ties of inane money
Only bothering to chat when you need something
I wish it didn't have to be this way
Entwined beneath the novelties of the "USA"
Is a world the big man doesn't want us to see
An economy that's been drove into the ground
Slander, duplicity, lies, deceitfulness!
A nations youth full of violence and damnation
We're circling around the drain of a death pool
Its sad to say were living in a man eat man society
Everywhere I look I see corruption
TV shows me violence
And music although corrupt is my only true friend
Adults try to take the wheel of my life
Causing me to revolt
They are the monkey that's on my back
To bad there aren't aware
That I've been walking in their shoes for awhile now
It seems to me that childhood has become a virtue
Cause I've been forced to jump without my wings
And I pray as I fall that I'll survive
You've been telling me its easy
That I'd find my wings before I hit rock bottom
But I didn't and now I'm picking up the pieces
With everyone watching not willing to lend a hand
I was foolish to think you'd tell me the truth
You've put the first crack in my fragile heart
But I'll show you that I won't be fooled again.


  1. I like it and love the reality of the piece. Though it's sad 'cause losing vulnerability can be a bad thing for an artist, ya know, lack of trust. I guess the people who truly will matter, we'll be the ones who are able to break the walls down enough, right? Great one Brend!

  2. The great news is there is an up side to the down side. Hugs my dear. Nicely done!!!
    here's an award from moondustwriter

  3. Here's what I see here: This is a kind of loss of innocence poem. Friendship bound by money runs stark into an economy driven into the ground. Culture is corrupted. Adults attempt to control. The response is put on armor or to put on hope. And for some reason, I see hope in the very last line -- because even though it's a "I'll show you" line, it also assumes there will be a next time.

    I liked this.

  4. I really like it. and everytime I read it, I find that it's exactly my point of view.

  5. I really love this piece. It's real and raw. No fabrications.

  6. Brenda this was superb, u captured the very essence of life in this poem, no lies, no gimmicks just the truth, please pop over and read some of mine...

    well done :)

  7. You are VERY talented, Brenda!!!! But cheer up. Life is truly what you make it. You have a long beautiful life ahead of you!!! Thanks for sharing with me.