Monday, April 12, 2010

You Can't Break A Broken Heart

I hold my head high,
With effort,
I need you to know,
I'd give you my heart,
Without hesitation,
You may ask me why,
I'll give you the truth,
You can't break a broken heart.


  1. Love it! Right to the point, yet so deep! =)

  2. And this is just depressing. You're only 17! You should be like rubber at that age... and at ANY age, really. Don't let that stuff bother you... and a broken heart, sadly, can always be broken further.

    Wow, go Dudel... lets add to the depression that is already present.

    On another note: I forgot to follow the Blogger blog! :O BAD DUDEL! X|

  3. I've felt this way before. Very touching and to the point.

  4. Nice work Brenda! Reminds us of our song "Not The Only One" :)