Sunday, May 31, 2009

The beginning of MARKED chapter 3.

Okay so here is a little piece that is all about the main charecter, and some of the changes that she has notice since her creation.

Tell me what ya think!

I awoke in an empty bed. A set of clothes were placed where Owen had been when I had finally drifted off last night. The banter downstairs between Owen and Alexa was a pleasent sign, it made me feel at home.
I found the bathroom easily, and on the counter sat a brand new toothbrush and a half empty bottle of toothpaste; I assumed there were for me. I went about my normal routine... well my human routine. My new clothes fit nicely, and complimented my new body. I finished my look with a pair of old converse shoes, that I had when I came. I stepped into the long mirror to get a good look at myself. My hair seemed to be the only thing that hadn't changed, so I threw it up in a messy bun. My body look more adult-like than I had remembered, but the most drastic change was in my eyes. My adorable green emeralds had been replaced with a pair of hypnotic smoky golden sapphires.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Licence!

Okay... no writing today =[

I went into town to take my drivers test! YAY! I was shaking so bad! It was ridiculos (as is my spelling of that last word.) lol. I took the test... and passed! I was seriously so excited! When I went in... I was so nervious that my lips were dry... I couldn't hold the paper with one steady hand. I was so nervious threwout the whole test... but it was a lot easier than everyone made it seem.

So yeah... that was a little bit of my day... and now I'm off to study for finals, and maybe stick so writing in later before I fall asleep.

I promise to get some work up soon... let the school year come to an end =] I'm really excited to see what this summer will hold =]

peace out,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vampire Story

Here is a little snip of an old story I wrote... Its a little rough, but its one of the better things I have wrote.

So tell me what ya think!

My eyes seached for the focal point of my crazed obsession. To end its existance, to feel its helpless body fall limp in my firm grip. To taste the sweet taste of their blood.

My First Post

Ok, so I started this blog to document every step of the publishing process. I have been writing since the age of 12 and I'm finally ready to start the publishing process. I'm seventeen, and I'm working on my current novel (momentaraly) titled; Marked.
I just hope that this blog will help me get some of my other writing seen. So I will post every now and then, some of my work =]
Most of it is supernautral, but I do write other genres to.

When I so start to post my work... comments are much appreciated. =]