Sunday, May 31, 2009

The beginning of MARKED chapter 3.

Okay so here is a little piece that is all about the main charecter, and some of the changes that she has notice since her creation.

Tell me what ya think!

I awoke in an empty bed. A set of clothes were placed where Owen had been when I had finally drifted off last night. The banter downstairs between Owen and Alexa was a pleasent sign, it made me feel at home.
I found the bathroom easily, and on the counter sat a brand new toothbrush and a half empty bottle of toothpaste; I assumed there were for me. I went about my normal routine... well my human routine. My new clothes fit nicely, and complimented my new body. I finished my look with a pair of old converse shoes, that I had when I came. I stepped into the long mirror to get a good look at myself. My hair seemed to be the only thing that hadn't changed, so I threw it up in a messy bun. My body look more adult-like than I had remembered, but the most drastic change was in my eyes. My adorable green emeralds had been replaced with a pair of hypnotic smoky golden sapphires.

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  1. Quite an interesting piece! Love the description.