Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Licence!

Okay... no writing today =[

I went into town to take my drivers test! YAY! I was shaking so bad! It was ridiculos (as is my spelling of that last word.) lol. I took the test... and passed! I was seriously so excited! When I went in... I was so nervious that my lips were dry... I couldn't hold the paper with one steady hand. I was so nervious threwout the whole test... but it was a lot easier than everyone made it seem.

So yeah... that was a little bit of my day... and now I'm off to study for finals, and maybe stick so writing in later before I fall asleep.

I promise to get some work up soon... let the school year come to an end =] I'm really excited to see what this summer will hold =]

peace out,

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