Friday, June 18, 2010



Friday, June 11, 2010


Just imagine;
Complete sensory deprivation;
Locked inside your own being;
Immersed in a sea of darkness;
Forbidden to know the wonders of life.

No sight, no smell:
Never will thy see the light of day;
The lingering aroma of beauty;
One will never experience;
Could you find a niche in this world?

No taste, no touch:
The tongue has been stripped;
Leaving nothing to be savored;
Fingertips they softly stray;
Yet they lack the needed sensation.

No sound;
Just the simple whispers of silence;
The growing fury of a hushed soul;
A brutal internal battle of the mind;
Without doubt sanity will surly lose.

Once the predator;
Now becomes the prey.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Blurred Reality

Once upon a yesterday I once knew a girl;
Sweet, young, so innocent to;
Crushed by the one she needed most;
Yet she'd shrug and say she's let go.

Today she smiles, malleable in reality's hands;
If you knew her then you wouldn't now;
She's the one in the corner, hidden;
Confused yet unbroken, she's hollow.

She accepts no pity, she's strong;
Kicked to the curb to be replaced;
Left to feed off the resentment in her heart;
Never will she be known as a daddies girl.

You can often find her notebook in hand;
Below her silent facade is the soul of a poet;
Writing of the life she wishes she had;
I know she'll prevail in the end.

Yet on the brink of adulthood she's troubled;
Never a daddies girl, 18 lands on the worst of days;
There's something missing, a stolen puzzle piece;
She'll use her smile as a pretense to hide behind.

It's midnight when the tears spill;
Never was she good enough;
So pen and paper she grabs;
Tonight she writes.

Because, the pen is mightier than the blade;
And the pain isn't as bad when reality is blurred.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Game Of The Heart

I stand here today to proclaim
This feeling I'm feeling inside
Tried to numb it, all attempts failed.

You're just beyond my reach
Courage is building deep within
Upon my attempt my heart is hurt.

She's standing before me
Knowing everything I was about to say
The welling of these tears they sting.

You're speaking her name
Unaware my heart I was about to bare
Now this lump within my throat it grows.

Suddenly I see what I'm wrapped up in
A deadly game of the heart not designed for one
It's heartbreak in it truest form.

Back it up for just a moment
If you look real deep you'll see I'm not broken
Reality has simply administered its cruelty.

Times never the giver of remorse
Every wound we are given will eventully heal
Somewhere in my future I'll find a new hope.

For all of the Castle fans. Sad to say but the end of season two... made me what to cry... so this is how I released my frustration.