Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Blurred Reality

Once upon a yesterday I once knew a girl;
Sweet, young, so innocent to;
Crushed by the one she needed most;
Yet she'd shrug and say she's let go.

Today she smiles, malleable in reality's hands;
If you knew her then you wouldn't now;
She's the one in the corner, hidden;
Confused yet unbroken, she's hollow.

She accepts no pity, she's strong;
Kicked to the curb to be replaced;
Left to feed off the resentment in her heart;
Never will she be known as a daddies girl.

You can often find her notebook in hand;
Below her silent facade is the soul of a poet;
Writing of the life she wishes she had;
I know she'll prevail in the end.

Yet on the brink of adulthood she's troubled;
Never a daddies girl, 18 lands on the worst of days;
There's something missing, a stolen puzzle piece;
She'll use her smile as a pretense to hide behind.

It's midnight when the tears spill;
Never was she good enough;
So pen and paper she grabs;
Tonight she writes.

Because, the pen is mightier than the blade;
And the pain isn't as bad when reality is blurred.


  1. WOW! Love it! I wrote a short poem, on blurred reality too! We are so kindred :)

    Blurred Reality (by Casey Knox)
    We stand in the midst of chaos.
    I want no more, but for this day to end.
    I turn away from this chance
    And my feelings begin to bend..
    It is clear to me, that the world is a blur.

  2. Wow Brend. To be honest, when I read the beginning I was kinda bored, but by the end I was completely into this. I thought it was amazing. So wonderfully worded and honest. One of my new favs! <3

  3. WOW, Very powerful. Great poem, keep it up!!!!