Friday, June 4, 2010

A Game Of The Heart

I stand here today to proclaim
This feeling I'm feeling inside
Tried to numb it, all attempts failed.

You're just beyond my reach
Courage is building deep within
Upon my attempt my heart is hurt.

She's standing before me
Knowing everything I was about to say
The welling of these tears they sting.

You're speaking her name
Unaware my heart I was about to bare
Now this lump within my throat it grows.

Suddenly I see what I'm wrapped up in
A deadly game of the heart not designed for one
It's heartbreak in it truest form.

Back it up for just a moment
If you look real deep you'll see I'm not broken
Reality has simply administered its cruelty.

Times never the giver of remorse
Every wound we are given will eventully heal
Somewhere in my future I'll find a new hope.

For all of the Castle fans. Sad to say but the end of season two... made me what to cry... so this is how I released my frustration.


  1. stuff is one of my favorite words.

  2. And that has... what to do with the work above?

  3. I liked this, it had a spiritual tone to it.
    I really liked the line, "Reality has simply administered its cruelty"

    Keep on writing! :)

    - Rachel from