Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Little Explanation For My Lack of Activity

Okay, so unlike all my other posts... that include poetry, writing etc. This post simply contains my ranting.

I'm sorry to those of you who frequent my site daily, for my lack of activity. Just recently (a few weeks ago.) My computer decided to inherit a big nasty virus! Yikes! So its currently on desk rest. While I, being a student and totally broke, does some odd jobs for people so I can get the money needed to take it to the "doctor" as the two year old at my house would put it.

This has to be the one and only humorous thing about this experience. My family babysits for my cousin. His two girls are Micayla who is five, and a total diva! And Lexis, the two year old who's been nicknamed the "pint size dictator." Ha ha ha. She loves the nickname.

The night that my computer got the virus... I was sitting at the kitchen table working on an essay for my AP English class. Being raised with tons of guys... I do tend to have a slight issue with swearing when I'm frustrated or angry. I try to control my tongue when the kids are there... but sometimes I slip. Tonight was one of those nights. Lexis was on the floor coloring, and when the pop ups started to come up, informing me of my computers "sickness"
I became frustrated, and then I said, "Ah F***!" Of course I covered my mouth and turned to the little girl on the floor. She just looked up and smiled, "Whats wrong?" So then I started to try and explain the problem. I told her, "My computers... sick." I thought that was a good way to explain it until she then said, "How did your computer get sick?" I wasn't prepared to answer this so I simply said, "Some body on the Internet wanted to hurt my computer." Evidently she didn't understand, because the next thing out of her mouth was, "Why?" The worst word ever! I then said, "Because some people are just bad people!" She looked at me, then back to my computer... kissed the screen, and said, "Get better soon."
I was relieved when she ran off into the living room, and then I heard her start talking. She said, "Ah F*** Auntie, Brendas computer is sick!" My mouth fell to the floor. I knew it was not good for her to talk like that, but it was because of me that she repeated it.... so I had to later explain to her why we don't say those words... So now, whenever she hears that word... she runs up behind you... spanks you... and tells you that your bad!

You could say I learned my lesson.

Yet, my computer is still "sick." I've got a few new pieces to post, but they are at home... and I'm at school. I'll try to get them up one of these days! I promise! Just keep commenting, and passing my url to family and friends. Its those of you who help me the most that deserve the credit! You guys are all amazing!

Thanks to everyone!


  1. Well that's an interesting story.

    And I'd like to note that a computer virus is more like an STD (that was actually transmitted via sex) than anything. You kinda do it to yourself, in a way.

  2. True, but you try explaining to a two year old what an STD is... Ha ha. I'm not.