Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Just To Love Again.

Once upon a yesterday,
Your love lived within my heart,
What a life we could have shared.

Now my love you've left me,
Gone like the whispers in the wind,
Swept away by lust and destiny.

Yet I'm still breathing,
My heart is still beating,
I'm living.

Your failing and falling,
I'm watching you weep,
Your dying.

This pain you spoke of,
I don't feel it,
I'm not broken.

This is something that needs to be said,
You may have planned damage,
Yet your the one in pain.

I'm just letting you know,
You may have thrown 'us' away,
But love will live here again.


  1. This is a powerful poem about broken and contrite love, yet it hints that redemption is possible. Very nice!

  2. Love the strength, he victory over a failed attempt.

    Nicely done

  3. Love this! I have a similiar style, but we're both uniquely different ;). This inspires me to start a poem blog. I have a blog on my website You're extremely talented! Best, Casey

  4. Powerful words.
    You can feel the triumph and peace in the prose as you read to the end.
    Keep it up.

  5. Excellent...that's what I'm talkin' bout!!

  6. Really beautiful piece! Very touching and reflective. I like the uplifting aspect of it. Yes, love may be gone now, but it will live on. And I hope you don't mind me mentioning, but it's 'your' when it's you, and 'you're' when it's some one else. 'You're' is a contraction for 'you are.' Sorry, just thought I'd mention. I always appreciate it when people correct me, so I can do it right. You know the funny way of writing 'and?' Well I used to write it backwards till someone pointed it out. hehe great piece Brend.