Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fate Lent Me A Hand

Fate lent me her hand,
When I didn't know I needed it,
And started down a narrow path,
One that lead me straight to you.

Trust, he put a smile on your face,
Ont that made my world stop turning,
He whispered sweet thoughts into my heart,
That's when I was sure you'd tear it apart.

Lust, she made me wish,
We could go back to that night on the beach,
Just you and I and my selfish lie,
And knowing I can't is killing me.

Reality, she slapped me across the face,
When you went and dropped a bomb,
And I realized I'm not quite over you,
Now I'm left standing in the wreckage.

Love and his charming trickery,
I left knocking at the door,
While I hid in the shadows of my past,
Won't you accept my plea, "I'm so very sorry."

Where was my mind when,
Fate lent me the hand, that lead me to you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Never Failing Trend

If only it were simple,
Maybe it was at one time,
But this shadow that is my past,
Still haunts me like a ghost.

My reason you don't want,
Regardless I must tell you,
His words were his weapon,
My heart was his victim.

Wounded I was left there,
My fathers dirty deed was done,
Then I decided I could prevail,
But brick by brick my wall I built.

Its my wall you've come up against,
I was to blind to see you didn't run,
But I'm managed to ruin it anyways,
This seems to be my never failing trend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Promise

The worst of me you've witnessed,
I've seared it into your heart,
Such a talented ruse that is my smile,
You don't realize I'm far from transparent.

You seized my trust not long after we met,
But somewhere along the way it was mislead,
Its left you puzzled wondering why,
And I'm determined to keep it to myself.

Silently I sit with these muses I keep hidden,
Unable to comprehend my cryptic nature are you,
So paralyzed by repeated history am I,
I won't let you draw any nearer to my heart.

You inquire what I'm scared of,
It's a painful thought to think,
Skillfully I'll dodge a simple answer,
I won't supply the ammunition this time.

Your sincerity is all I ask,
But this dreaded doubt comes crashing back upon me,
I need to know I'm more than a diversion,
But until then I'll never open up.

I promise.