Monday, March 7, 2011

Never Failing Trend

If only it were simple,
Maybe it was at one time,
But this shadow that is my past,
Still haunts me like a ghost.

My reason you don't want,
Regardless I must tell you,
His words were his weapon,
My heart was his victim.

Wounded I was left there,
My fathers dirty deed was done,
Then I decided I could prevail,
But brick by brick my wall I built.

Its my wall you've come up against,
I was to blind to see you didn't run,
But I'm managed to ruin it anyways,
This seems to be my never failing trend.


  1. To this reader...the sadness of the voice shines through, but there is also fight...comes through in the 'wall' stanza. The mention of your 'father' should be tied back to something. Perhaps a fifth stanza? A very good piece, Brenda. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like it and you express the tragedy and the sad walls of defense that are built in that very well. I would suggest adding to it: play with the emotion and sadness; explore it and expunge it. Keep writing!

  3. Great job! It conveys the emotions well.