Monday, March 7, 2011

Never Failing Trend

If only it were simple,
Maybe it was at one time,
But this shadow that is my past,
Still haunts me like a ghost.

My reason you don't want,
Regardless I must tell you,
His words were his weapon,
My heart was his victim.

Wounded I was left there,
My fathers dirty deed was done,
Then I decided I could prevail,
But brick by brick my wall I built.

Its my wall you've come up against,
I was to blind to see you didn't run,
But I'm managed to ruin it anyways,
This seems to be my never failing trend.


  1. Wonderful poetry (((❤)))

  2. To this reader...the sadness of the voice shines through, but there is also fight...comes through in the 'wall' stanza. The mention of your 'father' should be tied back to something. Perhaps a fifth stanza? A very good piece, Brenda. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I like it and you express the tragedy and the sad walls of defense that are built in that very well. I would suggest adding to it: play with the emotion and sadness; explore it and expunge it. Keep writing!

  4. Great job! It conveys the emotions well.