Monday, January 10, 2011

I Promise

The worst of me you've witnessed,
I've seared it into your heart,
Such a talented ruse that is my smile,
You don't realize I'm far from transparent.

You seized my trust not long after we met,
But somewhere along the way it was mislead,
Its left you puzzled wondering why,
And I'm determined to keep it to myself.

Silently I sit with these muses I keep hidden,
Unable to comprehend my cryptic nature are you,
So paralyzed by repeated history am I,
I won't let you draw any nearer to my heart.

You inquire what I'm scared of,
It's a painful thought to think,
Skillfully I'll dodge a simple answer,
I won't supply the ammunition this time.

Your sincerity is all I ask,
But this dreaded doubt comes crashing back upon me,
I need to know I'm more than a diversion,
But until then I'll never open up.

I promise.


  1. 'The worst of me you've witnessed,
    I've seared it into your heart,
    Such a talented ruse that is my smile'

    Great poem. I love the first three lines the best- especially 'seared it into your heart'. Vivid image!

  2. smiles.i can appreciat ehte desire to know there is more to it than simple play...and good on you for holding out for what is true...

  3. Good poem. I normally don't read when someone inserts a URL into my tweet stream, but I am glad I did.

  4. Beautifully projected emotions! Wonderful writing! I am usually much the same way as dear poemblaze, but sometimes I do take a chance & take a look. (Spammers have made it more difficult to trust a link...) but I'm very happy I came over to read too! :) Thank you for sharing! ~April

  5. So glad you've found @onestoppoetry. You're a welcome addition to the family. Yes, I do remember those moments. Thinking someone is cool and then, uhmm, something doesn't feel quite trustworthy, they've betrayed themselves as not really worthy or at least not yet. Those days are long past for me, but your adventures have clearly just begun! Enjoy it and keep linking. We will enjoy reading you! Gay @beachanny

  6. Nice work
    Glad to visit your blog !
    Be creative and keep writing !
    Keep it up !

  7. Such a powerful and true poem, Libby x

  8. I've been enjoying watching you develop as a writer. I'm excited to see how far you can take your skills/talent.

    ~ Theron

  9. Dear Brenna

    From the second line itself, I got glued to this one verse... So strong and impressive work...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay