Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Problem With Destiny

I've picked up the pieces of my broken heart
They're tucked away under lock and key
With no sign of ever recovering
But slowly my vitals start to steady
I'm beginning to feel this condition depart
But I've lost the key to my own heart
A reminder of what someone can do
How the love of your life can become someone you knew
So I'll walk this life broken and dull
Until somehow you pull the key
And set my precarious heart free.

I Danced With the Devil

The past has slipped through my fingers
And the future threatens to consume me
My hopes and dreams turn to fears
As you impose your acrimonious views on me
The depiction of an existence at your side
Is tempting in its magnificet splendor
But its a ruse I've been told
This letting doubt seep into the cracks of my heart
But you eradicate my skepticism with your tone
I'm surrendering to you my soul without resistance
Now I've fallen for your deception
Your grip is starting to tighten and I'm losing my head
This deadness is permeating through me
I can't bottle these emotions inside
Yet I'm struggling to let them out
The battles underway and I'm on the losing team
Suddenly I see a glimmer
Might it be hope coming to undermine me again?
Or a redeaming saving grace
On its way to elicit the poison you've infused
The struggle worsens turning my eyes from you
I'm loosening my grip on existence
Ready to relinquish everything to this demon
Unexpectedly you call me by name
My eyes flash back to your glorious light
I'm struggling now to take hold of you
The demons grip is loosening
I can feel your aura grasping me
Eliciting me from the grasp of this feind
I can't focus on anything but your splendid face
Then as I look for redemption in your magnificent eyes
I can breathe again realizing what i'd done
I'd dance with the devil.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hit Me Up On

Hey, so I've started to post my work on in hopes that I might get more people to look at it there. I'm very thankful to all of those who read my blog. Until next time, Brenda.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've noticed a feeling,
And I may have a hard time healing,
You've impaired my heart,
And yet you still won't depart.

I'm stuck under your finger,
My soul demands that I not linger,
But I'm incapable of escape,
I've become nothing but a malleable shape.

So I'll settle for a prayer,
And with my god I'll share,
Until I make my break,
I'll deal with this excruciatingly jaded ache.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Love "Edited"

So I'm no poet, but I wrote a poem to develop my character. I'm unsure if the point is understandable. I mean I know what its supposed to mean, but do you? That's what I'd like to know. Can you understand (briefly) what I'm implying. Its not supposed to show you nothing but one certain aspect of the character. SO let me know!
First Love
My apocalypse is coming,
Yet I can't start running,
There's no need to surmise,
I'm waiting to witness with my own eyes.
I'm watching it brew,
Just as you drew,
With your beautiful sadistic mind,
Should I leave these feelings undefined?
I'm caught in a whirlwind of emotion,
Because you speak to me with an undeniable devotion,
You're an image of flawlessness that I can't resist,
I'm so bemused, how could you even exist?
I'm lured by your voice,
I'm sure I've no other choice,
So I'll surrender to you my every breath,
I'm yours until my predestined mortal death.