Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Stranger And My Best Friend

I see a spark in you're smile,
And stars in you're eyes.

I hear a melody in you're voice,
A guiding light in you're words.

I feel a sense of rightness in you're presence,
An electric current in you're touch.

I can smell your sweet scent in your absence,
A lingering reminder of all that you are.

You're simply someone I'd hate to forget,
An open book and a mystery all the same.

You're a stranger and my best friend.


  1. I love the verse stating I can smell your sweet scent in your absence / A lingering reminder of all that you are. These two lines speak to me. Beautiful!

  2. I love the sweetness and the new memories that are forming

    I'm RTing my dear

  3. With a few simple words, you say so much.
    Very nice. :)

  4. You're moving in the direction of someone who is really starting to love life....YES!!!

  5. You have evoked memories... Light glints from a tear falling past a pensive smile. You write beautifully. :) x

  6. Hi there - Very sweet poem. Quick note - watch your use of "you're." Remember that is you are, so in this poem it should be "your."

  7. lovely entry. enjoyed the scansion. more!

  8. I wish I could write like you do :)

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  10. Brenda, you are a very talented writer! I enjoyed reading your poems and look forward to reading more. Keep writing, you have a gift!