Saturday, April 3, 2010

Every Girl Is Beautiful

I know how much it hurts
When the world makes you feel ugly
A picture of perfection on every cover
A product that makes promises
Consumed by the need for exactness
We're hurting ourselves
Hiding our true beauty
Every single one of us has a gift
Some of us will be models
But not everyone can be one
Some of use will be doctors
And writers
Each and everyone
Will have their own kind of beauty
So tell your friends
You're sisters and you're mother
Remind them that their beautiful
Just the way they are.

This may not be my greatest work, but I feel it needed to be wrote. I've met an amazing young woman who needed someone, and I hope she knows that I understand her pain. I've been in her shoes. So this goes out to her, and every other woman or girl who reads it! Every single woman is strong and beautiful no matter what the world says. Also, another big inspiration to this piece came from Kellie Picklers song "Don't you know your beautiful." Listen to it girls!
And remember your beautiful!



  1. some girls can feel worse because of all these beautiful models or actresses, but their beauty is mostly just good make-up and stlyling :) some time ago I felt bad because of my look, but.. not anymore :) (sorry, if I made some lingual mistakes, but I don't speak English normally. actually I've learnt English for about 8 years, but it is still to less to speak fluently :))

  2. What you have to believe is that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. The images that are portrayed in the movie or on magazine covers are not real.

    Your purpose in life should not be consumed with how you look but who you help. A smile given to someone may be the only acknowledgment a person had that day. That's beautiful. A kind hello or a sincere compliment may give a glimmer of hope to someone.

    How you look is of no consequence to who you are.


  3. Love it Brend! Good for you! "You are beautiful no matter what they say!" ;) hehe

  4. I tend to disagree with you,I think it is a fine piece of work, honesty is always the way I like it, true emotions make for good poetry, well done brenda :)

  5. Guys face this force too. Tell a girl who's gotten the media noise shoved down her throat she's beautiful or pretty when you honestly feel as such, most don't believe you. It gets so frustrating sometimes!

    More girls should know that A LOT of guys find the "media beautiful" as not all that beautiful at all. I, for one, have never seen a honest "ugly" girl in all my 23 years of life. Repeat, frustrating... very frustrating.

    As for the poem itself, you are correct in it not being your best... though I've only read like 5 of your poems in total. Not horrible but, yes, not your best.

    I agree with the message, though. This should be clear. Your friend, while I've not met her, is no doubt a very beautiful woman/girl.

  6. You are all beautiful...
    We would gain a lot in our lives to release ourselves from the negativity that is most of our media.
    Beautiful post. Thanks for directing me to it.
    Darren Sproat

  7. Ah, i had a whole comment written up and then I got an error once I tried to submit it!! aaggh Anyway, I'll try to remember all of it and rewrite it for you.

    Anyway, I'm a bit shorter than 5'2'. I weigh 118 pounds. Guidelines would say that I should weigh 105 pounds. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she was horrified. It'd be unhealthy for me to be that thin. I wear a size 2, and sometimes my clothes are loose on me.

    I'm a runner, and I was thinking about this the other day while out on a run. so many models are much taller than me, and only about 8 pounds heavier than me. To me, that makes them skeletons in my eyes. Unhealthy. Yet, that is what people are told over and over again is what makes a woman beauty.

    Real beauty really is on the inside. If you're the most outwardly beautiful person in the world, yet you hate yourself, then you'll never be beautiful, truly.

    Anyway, just my two cents and long-winded way of saying I agree with what you wrote.