Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life At The Moment

Okay, so it's summer time for me. So that means jobs, babysitting, nagging mother, lol. The works. Althought it hasn't been the best... I'm still trying to write. lol. I did write an amazing little mini story... I'll post it soon =D
Other than that, I have gotten marked to the half way mark =D but I'm at a stand still. lol. I can't think of where to take it. I have the end wrote =D its not what you would have expected if you've read chapters 1-5.
I've had the joy of watching my lil cousins... too so thats another reason I haven't been able to write. When my head hits the pillow i'm out... lol. So I'm really hopeing that the rest of the week goes by fast... so they can go home =D and I can clean my room... god only knows what they have put under my bed, and get back to sleeping with a dictionary on the nightstand, and my laptop on the floor, cause I'm to tired to put it back on the desk... I don't dare do that when they are here! lol.
I hope to have something up soon =D

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