Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Journey

I’ll never forget the multitude of feelings I knew,

Or the astonishing sensations that flew through my veins,

It was as a consequence of this new awareness, I grew,

Yet now alone, I strive to collect all of myself that remains.

All the pennies I’d lend, to know ignorance once more,

This reflection in the mirror, a girl I don’t wish to be,

The winds of change consume me, time to find what I’m here for,

With a shaky breath, I look into the haze, soon I’ll see.

With each step I take, each breath, my lungs burn,

Those nasty habits, little bullets I took for you,

Hard to believe it took so long, still it was vital I learn,

Yet even though I know now, the storm continues to brew.

Every struggle I’ve faced, the ones I’ve yet to meet,

I’ll take in stride, remind myself that I was born a fighter,

And if I see your face again, it’s a new me you’ll greet,

For the girl you once knew, her outlook is a whole lot brighter.

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