Monday, October 12, 2009

Marked; my own vampire novel.

Okay, so I haven't went out of my way to update my blog =[ I know. I'm almost done with my novel entitled Marked, I'm excited! I have someone double checking my work (THANKS SO MUCH MER!) and when its all done... I'm going to start my seach for an agent.

Let me just tell ya a little somthing about Marked, for those of you who have never heard about it =] Marked is a cross between a 'if you watch this in the dark you'll pee yourself,' and the trial of everyday love kind of book. Yet theres this little thing... its about vampires. Even better =] I have posted a piece of chapter three below, but honestly I'm sorry to say that because of the length of the book, I had to remove that piece.

My many goal here is to connect with other aspiring novelist, and maybe even some authors. I'm open to any advice, and personally the best comment is one that you can learn from. like my english teacher would say the worst thing to say was that a work is perfect, because if you say that, your not learning anything. I want to learn. I want the advice of the people who are wiser than I. So please Tell me what you think!


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