Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I grasp this picture with the force of a million tears
You were more than something special
A ray of incredible brilliance
One that radiated an infectious aura
Infusing a permanent mark on whoever you met
You were the perfect remedy for a bad day
A smile and A hug seemed to be better than any drug
But fate took you, callously ripping you from my side
I was left broken and bleeding without you
Nothing became everything as I searched
Looking relentlessly for a reason to live
But questions ran rampant
If your were punished, what wasn't I?
Never an answer to sooth my guilty mind
The grief slowly but without doubt sheared away my sanity
Until I found a new light
Not one that belittled your own
One that you have joined
Together you shine down upon me with beauty
Lighting a new path for me to move along
Though the wound is still evident
It's numbed by your light
So I'll smile and wipe my my tear stained cheeks
You may be in heaven, and I'm still on earth
But your presence will linger with me evermore
Forever and always I'll love you.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! And I love that it does end positive. It stitcks to the life leason, "Life truly does go on." I thougt it was very organized word wise, and quite fluent. Beauitful job! <3