Saturday, March 13, 2010

There's A Story Behind These Brown Eyes

My eyes close tightly as to let dreams take hold
Dreaming of places where mendacity ceased
Where I wouldn't be lost in a sea of uncertainty
Longing for the day when this facade could be broken
Peacefulness could linger without faltering
And reality wouldn't seem so cold-blooded
A place where you didn't expect heartache
And with this new light I might be able to trust
What I wouldn't give to be able to feel again
To know what it's like to not have this sensational doubt
But ghosts from my past still lurk in the shadows of my future
I'm too terrified to move for I'm bound by chains
But through all this turmoil I'm forced to smile
To make small talk when I've nothing positive to say
People who try to understand can't make it make sense
They only see what is meant to be seen
A joyless smile and a soulless body
Time my turn this grim picture some day
but until it does I'm just going to be me
yet I want you to know
There's a story behind these brown eyes.


  1. I love the imagery you use in your work! Keep it up, you're amazing :)

  2. Wow-Just wow! You can make things so sad, and painful sound beautiful. I really felt this piece! =) *I wonder why?* ;) hehe Love it Brend! Keep writing... Sometimes you have to rip out your eyes, so you can write what is seen in your soul and not your heart...

  3. Let me start by saying... Joshua, thank you so much for your amazingly kind words. It means so much to me =D And Trev, same goes to you =D

  4. "sensational doubt" - doubt can be sensational like media coverage that turns a troubled neighborhood's plight into that turns a nation people against each other along culture lines. There's some rich use of language here. Keep writing! I began writing by writing poetry high school exploring the tug o war between hope/love and fear; I particularly appreciate those elements here. :-)