Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In An Evanescent Moment

I can feel freedoms sweet breath
As it slips so effortlessly down my spine
Eliciting a mixture of fear tinged excitement
I try to move without letting fear dominate
I shouldn't jump headlong into the great abyss
With tightly closed eyes and a guarded heart
Your breathtakingly occult gift of compassion
Was only meant to last an evanescent moment
A strange imperuous need for absolution
Has started to linger in the depths of my soul
Your mysterious with your flawless exterior
But I'm disturbed by the tragedy behind your mask
I'm not ready to give it all up to you
But adulthood's knocking at the front door
While childhood is slipping out the back
Caught up in this wary moment
I'm forced to grasp freedom with both hands
And as I take hold I'll force a smile
As the world waits with baited breath
To see just when I'll fall.


  1. This reminds me of the pressure that adolescents feel, specifically around the stage of high school. Taking that next step is quite intimidating and you captured a lot of what I'm feeling right now in this piece. Love your work! Keep going, you're AMAZING :)

  2. hey girl - keep up your writing reach for the moon or the stars. You are very gifted - when they tell you to stop don't - that was my mistake. Love those ups the downs
    hugs from Moondustwriter

  3. Awe... =( I liked it until the ending... It was so enchating... You had me spinnin' around in a Haze of mysteriousness... Loved it!