Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, I'm at a loss for words. I can't seem to be able to pick the title to this piece. So I'm going to open it up to suggestions from you the readers! So comment on the piece with your suggestions or send them via twitter to @Brenda_Nicole17 I'd also like to thank everyone who's take time to read this. It means a lot to me =D

If I could silence this fear
I'd throw caution to the wind
But I'm caught up in this safety net
This trouble manifest deep within
And my heart beats out a broken rhythm
Yet my soul is still present and vital
Your eyes scram out a warning
And your intentions are crystal clear
Convinced you can take me, and break it down
The wall I've built from heartache and mistrust
So I'll take cover behind this still heart of mine
As you persist in showing me
A beautifully flawed new world
One where pain and hurt have subsided
All but forgotten the flaws are evident
I can see all the bad hidden behind the good
I'm skittish at first but I'm starting to feel
This broken heart has started to heal
But fear still lurks behind the pain
You start to advance as I shut down
For the fear has broken through this perfect facade
But you've got a firm grip on my hand
And I'm scared to the point of hysteria
Doubt, fear, and a painful ache hitch in my chest
The wall like magic is building itself up again
But you won't let me go down without a fight
Not willing to part, and I don't understand why
I'm never going to be whole again
But your willing to hold onto a troubled soul
And as long as it may take
You've promised to be there.


  1. @MSusiEpiChilD

    Wow your very talented, you sure do know how to use the right words with the way your feeling, you'll definitely get somewhere in life with that and I wish you the best. Keep doing what your doing its beautiful and someday hope to see you on the cover of your book!! :D

  2. This was a very powerful piece... I felt pain and insecurity, but at the same time, like a love was lost and with that love a trust was too... That's what I'm getting out of this! I really felt/liked this piece! My favorite to date! You bring emotions, and that is extordinary!

  3. *smiles* I write what I feel, or what I've felt. If you've been in the position yourself you've got a better chance of expressing that emotion to the right degree. Thanks to both of you for you kind words =D Every comment on here makes my day just that much brighter. I'm truly blessed with an extordinary base of friends.