Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Take A Look At This Talented Young Artist!

I know a very talented young artist by the name of Trevor Hoen. His music is nothing short of inspiring! He was born and raised on the Oregon Coast, and I'm truly blessed to be able to say that I've known him my whole life. He released a demo in Janurary called "Glance" and now he has release another! This one titled "Sun Shine Through"

I've listened to it personally, and I feel that he has the talent and the integrity to get exactly where he wants to go.

So please, take a look! You won't be dissapointed!

You can listen to both of his demos by going to this link ----> www.myspace.com/trevorhoen You might even be able to download the first one =D

And also, follow him on Twitter! ----> www.twitter.com/TrevorHoen

So stop reading and go look!
=D BP!

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