Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rise And Fall

I'm known to puzzle you with my beautiful occult gift
You cannot debilitate the wall I've built
Terribly complacent am I at keeping a comfortable distance
Its the distance that makes me sure
That you're unable to see the tragedy that is my soul
Persistently you'll importune for knowledge of my past
But jaded is the heart that beats unsteadily in my chest
Letting down this guard is nothing short of impossible
Cryptic I am but you don't understand why
And your the most impetuous person I know
I long to grasp that part of my life without restraint
Locked inside I spill my heart and soul onto this paper
Tempted am I to jump headlong with everyone watching
Aware of those who'd rather see me fail
You snooped behind my back and betrayed my heart
And even with my cautious behavior
Your blind to the fact that you seared away my trust
You crept across my threshold and slowly my facade is slipping
My eyes start to moisten as I being to shut down
Little did you know that I was going to let you in
Expose my broken heart as if to invite heartbreak
But you've proved me wrong and now I flinch away
Nothing you can say will ever make this pain go away.

1 comment:

  1. Wow... Super deep! Was this one really personal? 'Cause I felt like it was. Again, love your use of imagery, and chose of words!