Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You'll Always 'Never Love Me' The Most

My hearts suffering a horrific blow
I'm all alone in this inferior existence
Darkness advances toward my weakness
As you reappear pleading for absolution
But I want answers, and my heart wants more
Redemption's in the shadows of your mind
It's trapped beneath the haze
Tinged with a sensational doubt
Entwined in a roaring sea of fear
You won't let it surface
To ashamed to fall victim to your own faults
You'll never know it
Cause I'm never going to say it
But I'm seeing you so clearly now
You will never be just what I need you to be
You'll always 'never love me' the most.


  1. Hey Brend, I really enjoyed this one! I thought it was very painfully-cutting... Very deep. I love the end line, however, I don't like the "the best," part, I feel like it takes away from the intensity. One of my favs! =)

  2. You're an aspiring novelist writing poetry! I'm a prose writer who writes haiku like a fiend. Awesome!