Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Fork In The Road

As time slips by
My eyes lose sight of the luster
Feelings start to manifest deep inside
Bringing me to a new chapter in my life
I've no interest in the novelties of childhood
And I'm not sure of where I belong
People watch me with expectant eyes
Their voices close in around me
Infusing into my mind what they would do
But I refuse to let you tell me
And their unhappy with my resistance
I wish that you might be able to see
I'm trying to find my wings
The choice is not one thats meant to be easy
And I'm struggling to hear my own heart
Your constant pressure has me in a choke hold
I wish you could see the resentment building
I'm not going to take the road that pleases you
Firm in my choice I take the first step
Turning only to see the disappointment in your eyes
Your disaproval is now a whisper in the breeze
And with another step I'm gone.


  1. Brenda, thank you so much for sharing so deep thoughts. It´s true how often we feel under pressure at others expectations and wishes. But it´s only you who is the artist of your own artwork- your life.

    Congratulations for writing this heart touching post.

    Kisses and Blessings,

    Jamie Velasco

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Very insightful. And something that I think I can probably apply very much to my own current experiences and sentiments.

    Can't wait to read your future work.

    Wenig Brenner.

  3. I loved your piece.

    the first time lines really stuck too.

    And maybe my assumption is wrong, but is some of this about parents?

    Thanks for writin this.

  4. To:(I swear) For me, its more about the pressure young women/men face from not only parents but society as well. Face it, we are teens and everything people say to us... we think its wrong. I'm guilty of it, but I'm trying to be more 'level headed' and take into consideration that the adults in my life have been on this earth longer than I have. Thank you so much for reading, and commenting on this =D That goes to all of you! Thank you so much!

  5. YOur lines are strong and passionate. YOur writing style is provocative and I really liked it. Great piece.

    Take care and keep smiling. =*
    Much love from Brazil.

  6. Very thoughtful and discerning. You are well suited for the next stage of life. It's important we asked ourselves the right questions as we anticipate the next stage of life. Your writing reflects that level of understanding--your future is bright.

  7. I love how your latest posts have been about transitioning into adulthood. With all this release through your writing, I'm sure you are becoming well prepared into becoming the strong woman that I see here through these words. You're amazing, Brenda! :)