Wednesday, March 31, 2010

People Change

I see the brilliant light in your eyes
And the way you look upon her face
You're gaze emits such undeniable devotion
With all the talent you've got under your belt
You've been guaranteed success where ever you go
Bright is the future you've been blessed with
But the lady at your side has gifts of her own
She's a charlatan some would say
And I've started to notice the light of your eyes dimming
Suddenly your no longer the friend I used to know
Vanished you are sucked into her black abyss
It's a horridly painful realization
When someone you know becomes someone you knew
Wearily I must press on and close this chapter
But just as I've become comfortably numb
You stumble back broken hearted
Looking for a haven from your own apocalypse
Now you know you held Satans angel
Certain that she was nothing short of holy
I'm torn! and I'm unsure of what to do
A friend would welcome you back without hesitation
I know what it feels like to lose you
But I have to think of what is good for me
I'm sorry but I can't take you back
If all you do is plan to hurt me again
I'm sorry, but sometimes people change.


  1. Wow! What an honest piece. I really can relate, considering the majority of my friends have moved on, or don't really seem to care. It's always important to give forgiveness, but also to know where it should be given and when someone should just move on. I like the fact it makes you thank! One of my favorites. *You've inspired me, I think I'm going to start reading my old vocabulary book* (By the way, if you'd like to barrow it, it could come in handy to teach you some new words. Considering that's what it was for. =) Cheers Brend!

  2. Great job Brenda! Excellent work. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wonderful imagery. The emotion emoted feels raw, real, and living. One bump though. In line 18, did you mean to spell the name Satan's instead of Satins? If so, make that little correction and you have a very powerful prose poem. I humbly suggest you break your poem up into stanza's, it's easier for the reader to read it. All in all a very good poem.

  4. I have a lot of trouble with forgiving. People tend to go their separate ways.... often we lose sight of what's most important. At the end of the day we must focus on the individuals in our lives who truly care for us and weed the bad apples out. Great read!