Friday, March 5, 2010

My Inspireation

Okay, so I just wanted to take some time to talk about the music that inspires me =D I'm not going to identify it with any of the stuff I've posted on her because most of the stuff I do post has a personal connection to myself or some one close to me. So how about we get started!

1! You're Not Sorry/ Taylor Swift/ Fearless
All of Taylor's songs are a tremendous inspiration to me. She writes and sings the truth; most of it being things that teens can relate to. She has an amazing voice, and I find myself turning to her music when ever I'm having a heard time nailing down exactly what my muse is. This song in particular inspired a very interesting piece that I wrote about a failed friendship. The theme being without a doubt is the hurt that comes from a failed friendship.

Just about any MUSE song inspires me. Its not so much the content of the song as it is the sound. When I'm writing something that needs to feel dark I turn to them to provide that feeling. They also have a few songs that are sort of like forbidden love, which is one of my all time favorite things to write about lately.

3! Fireflies/ Owl City/ Ocean Eyes
This song in particular gives my imagination a boost when I've been writing something dark. They have such and infectious sound that when you listen to them you can't help but think of the bigger picture. I use this song to help me with imagery =D Owl City has to be one of the greatest bands out there at the moment, and I hope to see more great stuff from them =D

4! I'm Your's/ Jason Mraz/ We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
LOVE THIS SONG! It helps me write about love when I'm stuck. I love Jason Mraz's music!

5! My Heart, Your Hands/ Dommin/ My Heart, Your Hands- Single
I found the wonderful track on itunes for free! I know amazing right ;) I adore this song, even if it one of those depressing songs. I this song inspired a piece that I posted on here... I know I said I wasn't going to say that but I couldn't help it. Not to mention is more the message that the song is trying to get across is the same as the poem I posted. "How can I trust you with my heart in your hands." how can I trust you?... I can't trust you. That is what I took from it, and what inspired me. I hope to hear more amazing music from this band!

6! Naturally/ Selena Gomez & The Scene/ Kiss & Tell
This inspired a poem about undeniable love and how inevitable it is. How two people can complete one another perfectly without effort. I wasn't a Selena Gomez fan, and I'm still on the fence about the rest of her album. Regardless of my opinion about her album she is an amazing artist and I hope there will be more songs of hers that I can find inspiration in.

7! Need You Now/ Lady A/ Need You Now- Single
This song inspired a short story I wrote, I haven't got the courage to post it yet.

Now that I'm posted the main 7 I'm going to list the rest =D

8! Playing God/ Paramore/ Brand New Eyes
9! Rest In Pieces/ Saliva/ Back Into Your System
10! Stop And Stare/ OneRepublic/ Dreaming Out Loud

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  1. Very interesting choice of songs! Mine are all 80s cheesy tunes.
    I like your blog!